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Protecting Your Privacy

This website is run by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IABNZ) and industry partners:

It is monitored and enforced by the New Zealand Monitoring & Compliance Council (MCC). We are committed to upholding your privacy as well as offering you transparency and control over the personal information we hold about you as well as other data we may collect and use when you visit this website.

Your Personal Information

We collect your personal information (eg name, email address) if you register a query via the complaints form available on the website. These personal details will only be used in addressing your query and will not be added to any marketing database or used for any marketing purposes and will be treated securely under existing data protection law. No personal details are passed on to third parties. Your personal details will be discarded when the matter has been addressed to your satisfaction.

How can I manage the use of cookies on this website?

All browser technologies enable you to manage the cookies in the cookie folder of your web browser. This means that you can either delete cookies from your cookie folder once you have finished your visit at our site or you can set your preferences with regard to the use of cookies before you begin browsing our website.

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